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Goals for the 26th year
  • Quit Smoking.

  • Write to Someone I Admire (Can be anyone from friend to celebrity).

  • Send 27 Post Cards (I miss connecting with people outside of the internet).

  • Leave the State for vacation.

  • Pay off my credit cards.

  • Give handmade gifts for special occasions. (Due to my schedule, I will give as many as I can)

  • Publish writing.

  • Sky dive or bungee jump.

  • Start a work out routine.

  • Debate with someone and try to see their side.

  • Walk for a cause.

  • Take a dance class.

  • Read a book a month (at least).

  • Give a gift to a stranger.

  • Hang out with my brother more often.

  • Seek Grammar/Writing Education Opportunities.

  • Volunteer my time outside of school.

  • Stop to reflect on the good things. (May decide to blog it, may decide to write it down in a journal).

  • Maintain a sick time balance at work.

  • Save up for a cushion/emergency fund.

  • Slumber Party/Diva Evening. (I miss sleep-overs!)

  • Learn to walk in heels!

  • Bring lunch to work (at least 3x a week).

  • Take a financial workshop.

  • Learn to cook/cook more often.

  • Go Camping!

  • Stop spending all my money on coffee!

Monday, January 28, 2008
Hello everyone! I'm back in Albany. I actually got back last night, instead of posting a blog I read through my blog lists. I didn't realize how far behind I had fallen. -=giggle=- Anyways, I posted about the wonderful weekend over at my personal blog if you want to take a look. It was a truly wonderful weekend everyone. Grim outdid himself and spoiled me rotten! Pictures are over there as well! I'm going to try and keep up with the two separate journals. So that people only interested in my knitting/crafting can come here and anyone wanting to see personal info can go over there. I'm going to try it and see how it works out.

On with the crafting show!

First off, a question... is beading the new knitting? I am a little behind the times and I don't have any seriously crafty friends really so I don't know. All I know is that I saw like 15 different beading stores in the area of Manhattan we were staying in. That's in a walking distance of about 10 blocks. -=giggle=- On the beading not though, I realized I have a ton of leftover beads from my making stitch markers so I am going to try putting them to good use. I am going to run up to Barnes and Nobles tomorrow and look into some beading books. I'm also planning on making a pair of chandelier earrings for myself. A friend peaked my interest in trying it when I bought a pair for 12 dollars. He had given me this furrow-browed expression and told me that I could make them easily. Ding! Light Bulb! -=giggle=-

Speaking of Knitting! I popped my head into Yarn Co. when I was in the city. What a cute little shop. It has a nice selection of yarn and the owners were incredibly pleasant. I ended up buying 2 skeins of Idena Mohair Lux.

The colors are a little off but you can see that it's a various colored mohair. I was thinking about the wavy scarf or shawl. Or at least that's what I put down for the 2008 Mission Possible. I don't know if I mentioned that I had joined, thinking on it. There is a list on the right sidebar with all the projects I have to get done before December 31st. If you don't get done with the project you have to donate the yarn. It's a way to stash bust and get some knitting done as well. I figure it will be one hell of a way to get some of my gift knitting done on top of the A Loose Knit Group.

Crafting Items for Feb:

Finish the maze baby blanket. It's coming along really nicely. I showed Shawna at the shower on Sunday and she positively loved it. Mom-Mom (Grim's Grandma pestered me a bit about not getting it done, she also didn't seem that impressed with it but she's a little hard to read.) I suppose as long as Shawna appreciates the effort it's worth it.

ALK-Group chose scarves for this month so I am going to start on Louis's scarf as soon as I get done with the baby blanket.

I am also going to need to complete a couple of projects for Project Spectrum. February is dedicated to Fire, so we'll see what I can come up with.

Busy little me, eh?

Honestly, I think that's about it for now. Happy Crafting!!

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The Weekend Begins
Friday, January 25, 2008
I am hanging out in our hotel room. Which means we made it safely!! Let the fun begin, I'll post more on Sunday!

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A Correction & A Question
Sunday, January 20, 2008
Head Vampire was not done by Sknitches it was by Sweet Sheep.

If someone asked you what book they had to read in their lifetime, what would you say?

I am participating in the 50 Book Challenge and I want to read books that are unique and would be considered classic. Examples: Count of Monte Cristo, On The Road by Jack Kerouac. Tell me what you think. I would really appreciate it.

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Happy Blog-Versary!!
It's been one year since I started this blog. It simultaneously feels like I started it yesterday and forever ago. My first project I posted here was a Basketweave scarf I was working on for Grim's brother. Since then I have tried to advance my abilities as much as possible. So on this Blog-versary I am proud to unveil the Montego Bay Scarf!!!

It turned out perfect. In my opinion it's the best thing that I have made yet! I was a little iffy on the blocking but it really looks better this way. It was curling so badly before it was blocked that it just didn't look right. What do you think guys?

In other knitting news, I frogged the Accidental Drop Stitch Vest. I finished the front part and I was seriously not liking the finished product. After thinking on it for a while I thought it would be best to just frog it and use the yarn for something else. After that I decided to Cast On a baby blanket. I seem to like knitting under pressure. -=giggle=- I chose a maze pattern. It's fairly easy and it's knitting up pretty quick. Let's hope that I can get it finished before Sunday. If not then it will be a little belated. I also looked deeper into the Thin Mint Scarf, I didn't realize it was knit on two circs. I'm not sure if I am ready for that. Is it as hard as it sounds?

I still need to frog the Tree Jacket back down to the lifeline. I'm not entirely pleased with that but I'll live. Speaking about patterns, I went a little pattern crazy on Ravelry today. -=giggle=- I loaded up my que and if I actually complete a couple of them I'll be surprised. -=giggle=- I am a little impulsive.

Alright about the Blog-versary, right now I am just not financially capable to have a contest. Sorry you guys but next year I'll do something special. In parting, here's an adorable picture of Kiya. She apparently loved my poncho as much as I do.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
The Montego Bay Scarf is blocking as I type this. Pictures will be posted when I get the fringe on!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I have to say a special thanks to Jinxa for sending me this beautiful yarn!!


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008
By the way, went to the bookstore yesterday and got all my class books. I asked them about book bags and laptop cases. Turns out they are covered under financial aid and they had one that fit my computer!!

What's better than finding a bag that can actually hold your laptop? A FREE bag that can hold your laptop. -=giggle=-

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Montego Bay Revealed!
I'm home with a thrown out back today. Le Sigh. So while I am sitting on the couch I thought I would post the pictures of the Montego Bay Scarf. Enjoy!!

A Close Up of the Stitch Pattern.

What do you think? I noticed it's curling quite a bit, I don't know if this is part of the pattern or what but I am thinking about blocking it. What do you think? The kicker, I have never blocked before, any good websites you can direct me to?

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Sorry Guys
Sunday, January 13, 2008
Batteries are dead on the digital camera. Good thing I found out about it today instead of when I got to my Digital Photography class. -=giggle=- As soon as I get batteries I'll be taken pictures!


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Problem Solved
It turned out not to be anything at all. The cats knocked out the cord. -=giggle=- Grim felt silly telling me about it, and I felt silly for freaking out. At least everything turned out well, I was preparing myself to be told we needed to buy a new motherboard or something. Then again, I am one of those people that Hopes for the Best but expects the Worst. Pessimist in me I guess. -=giggle=-

So I have been knitting exclusively on the Montego Bay Scarf. The Feather Shawl wasn't working with the yarn I wanted to use for it and I didn't have enough of the "Head Vampire" yarn to use it for a shawl, so I figures I scarf would be perfect. I finally found a dress to go to wear to see "Phantom of the Opera". I tried it all on and the scarf will match the earrings and the earrings match my outfit. It's sort of hard to not be able to match things to black though. Progress pictures will be posted tomorrow.

The Tree Jacket, I am angry with. I am going to rip back to the lifeline. I don't want to half-ass this project and I want it to look nice. So ripping back it is. I'll take pictures of it when I get past the progress pictures I posted before.

The Accidental Drop Stitch Vest has been put on the back burner until I finish the scarf. Plus there are a couple of techniques I am going to have to jump right into that I am really no experienced with yet. In short, I am scared to screw it up.

I still haven't found a stupid laptop bag. I am hoping the school carries them in the Bookstore and I can get one covered under financial aid. I mean it is necessary, right? -=wink, nudge=- I'm debating on making a cozy for the thing and then just sewing straps into a regular book bag. I mean seriously, I have found every other size laptop bag but a 17". Blegh.

In other knitting news, I really need to set to work on my gloves for this months ALK gift knitting. Although, at present Grim has 2 sets of gloves and Catie is buying her own. Maybe I'll just make her a pair for next year. We'll see. So Gloves are definitely on the agenda, I need to make a scarf for my friend Louis for his Birthday (Thin Mint Scarf from Dominitrix), and I want to make a Montego Bay Scarf in Death Eaters for my Friend Laramie (Christmas Knitting)

While I was looking around for a picture of the Thin Mint Scarf, I found this scarf and I want it! -=giggle=- I need another scarf like I need notepads and notecards, True, but it's still cute!

I utterly failed to finish any baby stuff before the shower. I figured it would be that way, my heart just wasn't in it. I'll probably make a belated gift. We'll see though.

That's it for knitting news, lovelies. In other news..

  • I am getting my septum pierced on the 2nd of February. My mom is getting it for me as a early Birthday gift.
  • School starts back up on Tuesday.
  • I love my new laptop. Grim is playing Bioshock and I am doing all my blogging and emailing while he plays video games. No fighting, not that there was any fighting to begin with really.
  • We are definitely going to Origins this year. My grandma confirmed that we can stay at her place again. Yeah!!!

I think that's about it lovelies. I hope you are all well and good! May your knitting be flawless and quick.

Look for pictures tomorrow.

P.S. Keep your eye on my blog, I am thinking about holding a Blog-Versary drawing on the 20th. I'll come up with the details before the 20th and keep you posted. It may be something easy like, posting comments enters you into a drawing, it may be a little scavenger hunt. Who knows, we'll see.

Talk to you soon!!

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Le Sigh.
Saturday, January 12, 2008
Internet is down for unknown reasons involving the computer. I woke up to a note taped on the coffee pot that Grim believes the Ethernet card blew. When I was talking to him this morning and told him that even my laptop couldn't get online and he groaned and said something about the modem.

We'll see.

News like this shouldn't come before coffee.


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Tree Jacket Dilema
Sunday, January 6, 2008
Alright, so here's the deal.

I am on row 23 of the 24 rows that I am supposed to work before I separate the sleeves. Here's the problem.. At the beginning of row 23 I have 248 stitches. After I do my increases and then purl all the way around I will have 255 at row 24.

After I do my increases and then purl around I'll have 262 (at end of row 24).

Problem: I should have 272. Do I rip all the way back to the color for 10 stitches? I don't know how to adapt patterns very well so I can't alter the pattern and expect it to fit. Neither, sound pleasant. So I was wondering if there is a way to add 10 extra stitches without having a huge hole or making it noticeable?

Please help me! I really don't want to rip back!

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Goals & Alterations in 2008

  1. Stop Smoking
  2. Start Exercising Regularly
  3. Become more Politically Competent
  4. Volunteer
  5. Be Less Socially Awkward
  6. Travel
  7. Balance Finances Efficiently
  8. Learn to Sew


  1. Septum piercing
  2. Tattoo - Back or Back of Neck Piece
  3. Radical Hair Style Change

Knitting Goals

  1. Finish Projects in a Timely Fashion
  2. Learn Lace Knitting
  3. Learn New Techniques
  4. Knit a Pair of Socks
  5. Knit a Pair of Gloves w/ Fingers

The alterations are things I have always wanted to do but have been reluctant due to a variety of different reasons. I'm calling the piercer about a Septum piercing tomorrow. Any money I get for my birthday will probably go towards the piercing or the tattoo.. Or yarn of course. -=giggle=-

That's it for now, I'll post more tomorrow.

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Tree Jacket Progress
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Here are some pictures of the Tree Jacket so far.

More pictures to come soon!


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Hello 2008!
Happy New Years to all my readers! I hope it was a safe and happy one for all of you!

A real post with pictures to come tomorrow!!


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