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Goals for the 26th year
  • Quit Smoking.

  • Write to Someone I Admire (Can be anyone from friend to celebrity).

  • Send 27 Post Cards (I miss connecting with people outside of the internet).

  • Leave the State for vacation.

  • Pay off my credit cards.

  • Give handmade gifts for special occasions. (Due to my schedule, I will give as many as I can)

  • Publish writing.

  • Sky dive or bungee jump.

  • Start a work out routine.

  • Debate with someone and try to see their side.

  • Walk for a cause.

  • Take a dance class.

  • Read a book a month (at least).

  • Give a gift to a stranger.

  • Hang out with my brother more often.

  • Seek Grammar/Writing Education Opportunities.

  • Volunteer my time outside of school.

  • Stop to reflect on the good things. (May decide to blog it, may decide to write it down in a journal).

  • Maintain a sick time balance at work.

  • Save up for a cushion/emergency fund.

  • Slumber Party/Diva Evening. (I miss sleep-overs!)

  • Learn to walk in heels!

  • Bring lunch to work (at least 3x a week).

  • Take a financial workshop.

  • Learn to cook/cook more often.

  • Go Camping!

  • Stop spending all my money on coffee!

New Look - Revised
Saturday, January 31, 2009
I apologize for the interruption, but I'm revising my blog again. Somethings probably look a little crazy, that will be fixed soon, I promise!

--After 2 Hours--

Well it would have been all pretty and nice to look at, but I pressed the wrong button and deleted everything I had just worked on. It's staying like this until I calm down enough to retype everything.


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Question to the masses
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
What sort of wool wash works for you? I'm looking for something to soften up the Noro scarf I'm knitting. I purchased a little sample of a soaking agent when I ordered more Noro but I want a backup in case that doesn't work well.

Any thoughts?

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Pictures - On the Needles
Sunday, January 18, 2009
So I strayed a little bit from the list. Instead of a clapotis or anthropologie caplet, the noro went towards a scarf. I'm praying that it will soften after a good wash/soak because the colors were definitely meant for the person in mind.

I absolutely love cables! They're so much fun!

The other item is the lacy scarf. I am not entirely sure If I like the way this is coming out. It's pretty but it's not exactly turning out how it's supposed to. I think I used a yarn that was a little too heavy.

The little holes are supposed to be eyelets, but you can't really notice them when it's not held up the light. I'm going to block it a little bit and hope that it'll stretch enough to show the detail.

That's it for now. More to come soon!

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Knitting Status and Future Plans
Wednesday, January 7, 2009
Hello to one and all! I hope this day finds you well.

In recent news, last weekend I went through my tub'o'yarn to see exactly what sort of yarn I had to work with. It's funny how I had forgotten about some of my purchases. I have two complete skeins of green malabrigo hiding under my bed! Who knew? After much yarn fondeling, I organized the bin and started seperating the yarn based on what I wanted to make for Christmas presents this year. Then the search began:

Have I mentioned that I love Raverly. I went in search of patterns for the 4 different types of yarn I want to find projects for. Here's the list and what I found...

1. Noro Kureyon: Clapotis or Anthropologie Caplet
2. Colourworks (Purple/Black Mix): Still Searching (Can't find anything for it since it's considered Novelty Yarn)
3. Berroco Plush (3 Balls Green, 2 Balls Blue): Baby Blanket (Lionbrand Website, Must be logged in)
4. Knit Picks Pallete: Vixen Camisole (Link For Ravelry Users. Pattern in Sensual Knits)

The Baby Blanket and the Clapotis (if I decided to make that) will both be Christmas Presents for 2009. The camisole is for me, since it's my first time making anything like that.

Additionally, I am participating in this months SKC KAL. We're focusing on techniques this go round. I am actually pretty excited that cables were chosen. I've never actually done cables before so it should be interested. Due to the fact I am such a beginner, I will be knitting this. The green malabrigo will be loving knitted into a beautiful scarf for another Christmas Present for a lucky relative.

So those are the patterns I'm planning on knitting. Right now I am actively knitting a scarf for my boyfriend's cousin. It's a lovely pink/purple yarn and it's knitting up really well. I'm not entirely sure I like the pattern but I'm going to keep knitting and see how it comes along. I'll post pictures as well as specifics later. I don't have the magazine right in front of me.

Outside of that.. lastnight I spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to crochet a circle. -=giggle=- A friend of mine lent me this cute little book called "Creepy Critters". They have little mini grim reapers, and zombies, etc. I really want to knit a couple of things from it for B-Days and X-mas but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm suspecting my difficulty is because I was using black yarn for my first time crocheting. I remember everyone telling me not to start out on black yarn. Well, they were right. -=giggle=- So after a little more knitting tonight I'll be back to trying to crochet that damn circle.

May your stitches never twist and your knitting always be lovely!

P.S. I'm finally tired of the layout. I'll be revising things again soon!

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Knitting Goals & Ravelry
Thursday, January 1, 2009
I know I have said it once but Ravelry is amazing. I love the fact that I can find all these patterns with the click of a button. It's too neat.


I can't believe it's 2009. Time sure does pass you by quickly.

In spirit of New Years, I have started my search for my Stash Buster 2009 patterns. I failed miserably at this last year but that was because of my knitting strike. I'm hoping to incorporate stash busting with gift knitting with Project Spectrum. Kill 3 projects in one fail swoop, ya know? I don't have the list together enough to post but I'm hoping to have something together by the weekend.

That's about all I have for this post! More to come soon!

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