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Goals for the 26th year
  • Quit Smoking.

  • Write to Someone I Admire (Can be anyone from friend to celebrity).

  • Send 27 Post Cards (I miss connecting with people outside of the internet).

  • Leave the State for vacation.

  • Pay off my credit cards.

  • Give handmade gifts for special occasions. (Due to my schedule, I will give as many as I can)

  • Publish writing.

  • Sky dive or bungee jump.

  • Start a work out routine.

  • Debate with someone and try to see their side.

  • Walk for a cause.

  • Take a dance class.

  • Read a book a month (at least).

  • Give a gift to a stranger.

  • Hang out with my brother more often.

  • Seek Grammar/Writing Education Opportunities.

  • Volunteer my time outside of school.

  • Stop to reflect on the good things. (May decide to blog it, may decide to write it down in a journal).

  • Maintain a sick time balance at work.

  • Save up for a cushion/emergency fund.

  • Slumber Party/Diva Evening. (I miss sleep-overs!)

  • Learn to walk in heels!

  • Bring lunch to work (at least 3x a week).

  • Take a financial workshop.

  • Learn to cook/cook more often.

  • Go Camping!

  • Stop spending all my money on coffee!

Blegh Day...
Sunday, March 18, 2007
I woke up this morning feeling bright and chipper. I am concluding the day feeling very worn out though. I went outside to see if my car was burried and it was. So I got the same group to come and dig me out with a shovel so I could run some errands. Got dressed, still peppy and chipper. I got a pack of cloves and then headed to the library. I didn't realize how many books I had on hold. -=giggle=- 4 kniting books and 3 Roald Dahl books. I picked up a couple of movies to watch while knitting then ran off to the next place. I got purple hair dye from Sally's. My roots are seriously coming in but -=shrugs=- it looks good dyed over with purple. Then to Michaels to pick up a couple of things for my SP. That's when the chipperness went away. To state blunty. I have a problem with parents who don't discipline their children. However way you want to discipline is your deal but don't let your child scream at you like he's an adult. I was wandering the isles and I hear this god awful shriek and it won't stop. This little boy is yelling "You're not listening to me." At the top of his lungs. He's talking to his mom who is trying to grab her shit and get out of there. He keeps screaming, she won't acknowledge him. She won't tell him to be quiet.. Hell smack the crap out of the kid. Anything but let him behave like that in public. The dad rounds the corner and smiles at his son. Then says, you're not listening to him. The mom looks drained, she looks at the kid. He wants two more Spiderman coloring books.

What happens next ? Think you can guess ?

They buy it for him. He gets 3 coloring books for behaving terribly... and people wonder why our kids have f*cked up priorities. Anyway, this gave me a headache. On to the next store Borders. People are standing in the middle of the isles, noone is moving... I am trying desperately to slide past people and find a book. I get pissed off, and go to walk passed another girl. She doesn't move and I am talking to Grim on the phone.

" People need to learn to grab their f*cking books and get out of the way when people say excuse me"

She moved really quickly after that was said. I leave.. the headache is worse. I run to Barnes and Nobles and find a couple of things I was looking for. Finally. The headache has grown so bad I am shaking. I drive home, call Amy and ask her about the St. Patty's day party. It's on. Okay gotta get rid of this headache then. I end up coming through the door a shaking and whiney mess. My headache hit migraine status in record time. I felt crippled and it hurt me terribly to open my eyes. I finally got into bed with the wonderful assistance of Grim and slept from 5 until 10. From that point we've just been hanging out. I still feel the soft throbbing behind my eye balls. Anything can set this thing back off again. Blegh I hate headaches. I kind of feel like I wasted Saturday even though I know I didn't. I do feel bad about not being able to make the party though. I was looking forward to it.

I have been watching a lot of movies lately. Here's a mini-review:

Scanner Darkly: Awesome movie, Keanu Reeves is as awesome as ever. It has a cartoon like film the entire movie. Part animationish part not. It's a good movie to see but you can't knit to it. -=giggle=- If you get the chance you should definately watch it.

A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints: Based on a true story. Wasn't to bad, wasn't great. Sort of the basic grew up in the bad area and had to go back story. I liked it though and the acting was great.

Johnny Neumonic- An older movie but not a totally bad one. I enjoy it more for the cyber setting than the actual plot. It helps though that Grim is going to be running a cyber-horror campaign. It got me into it a little more.

She's the Man: Ehhh.. Alright I suppose. I was told by a friend it was an awesome modern day version of Twelfth Night. I guess I am stuck up because I didn't like it and the jokes were cliche'. Viola was an actress, that's why she was able to pull off being her brother so well. They made the teen girl in the movie into a soccer player who impersonated her brother to be on the sports team. She was bumbling and typical misrepresentaion of male behavior. You know like "What's done with my home-dogs g-slice?" Sort of cheesy dorky kid mentality. It was funny in spots but I wasn't fond of the changes made to such a wonderful play.

I have also watched but they're so old I won't review: Carrie, Mommy Dearest, Love Potion #9. I have taken a break from Charmed, I think I burnt myself out a little. I watched a couple episodes of Queer as Folk today, while knitting, I forgot how much I adore that show.

I got all the things together for my SP though and I will be mailing it out sometime next week. I hope she likes it. We'll see. Anyways, I am gonna go for now. I am getting that headache feeling again and I have to go to bed soon. Mom and I are going out to Lunch for my birthday and the casino. -=does a dance=-


posted by Valerie @ 2:32 AM  
  • At March 18, 2007 at 10:35 AM, Blogger Teresa said…

    WOW! I feel for that mother, but then again I don't. I remember when I was a kid and if I even thought about acting out in public. My mother would say, "Do you want me to spank you right here?!" "NO!" It wasn't even because I thought it was going to hurt, but because I would be embarrassed as hell. My daughter started acting up once in the store. My husband wouldn't stand for that. He said at the top of his lungs, "Alright, time to go, let's leave everything right here and go." Heheh..she didn't want to, but he didn't care. We just left the shopping cart right there in the middle of the aisle. Those poor poor stock boys! LOL!

    Scanner Darkly was awesome. It kinda started freaking me out with all the bugs. Bad experience with a huge wolf spider. *shudders* It was huge! It got into my house through a crack in the door and was crawling down my door. I didn't dare squash it (Mainly cause I wasn't sure if I was going to kill it or just piss it off), so I had to catch it in a jar. UGH! Then it looked at me and boom! I got this really weird feeling all over me and have been scared ever since. LOL.

  • At March 18, 2007 at 8:59 PM, Blogger Hattie said…

    I know what you mean with kids. I am 100% with you on that. When I was a kid the thought to act like that never crossed my mind. My kids sure as heck won't be doing that crap either. I've seen it. People are too afraid to discipline anymore.

  • At March 18, 2007 at 10:52 PM, Blogger Suburbaknitsta said…

    Hey there thanks for the comment... would love to come and do another snowdance however albany is a heck of a ride from jersey on short notice...

  • At March 18, 2007 at 11:28 PM, Blogger Sacha said…

    Guh, you are not the only one with people who just don't get out of the way. Every time I go grocery shopping, it seems people have no concept about anything around them except themselves.

    I swear I'll go beserk one day and run everyone over with a shopping cart.

  • At March 20, 2007 at 10:35 AM, Blogger emily brutalitë said…

    My parents threatened to never take us out of the house like 400 times when I was younger and I completely believed it. I spend a lot of time at Barnes and Noble which i apparently the only place to bring mid behaved children. I've reached the point to where listening to music EVERYWHERE I go is a necessity.

    And as far as movies go-- Love Potion #9 is my favorite romantic comedy of ALL TIME (this is an exaggeration). I still hold my breath when he says, "I wish I could tell you it took five minutes."

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