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Goals for the 26th year
  • Quit Smoking.

  • Write to Someone I Admire (Can be anyone from friend to celebrity).

  • Send 27 Post Cards (I miss connecting with people outside of the internet).

  • Leave the State for vacation.

  • Pay off my credit cards.

  • Give handmade gifts for special occasions. (Due to my schedule, I will give as many as I can)

  • Publish writing.

  • Sky dive or bungee jump.

  • Start a work out routine.

  • Debate with someone and try to see their side.

  • Walk for a cause.

  • Take a dance class.

  • Read a book a month (at least).

  • Give a gift to a stranger.

  • Hang out with my brother more often.

  • Seek Grammar/Writing Education Opportunities.

  • Volunteer my time outside of school.

  • Stop to reflect on the good things. (May decide to blog it, may decide to write it down in a journal).

  • Maintain a sick time balance at work.

  • Save up for a cushion/emergency fund.

  • Slumber Party/Diva Evening. (I miss sleep-overs!)

  • Learn to walk in heels!

  • Bring lunch to work (at least 3x a week).

  • Take a financial workshop.

  • Learn to cook/cook more often.

  • Go Camping!

  • Stop spending all my money on coffee!

Bye Monday
Monday, February 26, 2007
Thank God. -=giggle=- It wasn't a bad day just a busy and tiring one. I finally got some sleep lastnight. Not nightmare free but at least my body slept through them. It's weird, I have never had this many bad dreams in a row. I talked to my friend Jan about them and she thinks I am stressed about something or feeling out of place. Well I was stressed about something... and now that has been taken care of. I dropped my Spanish Course. -=does a hooray dance=- I know, I know... I'll never get anywhere by quitting something I am having a hard time at. Here's my chain of thought:

*Cue Rationalization*

It's one day a week. I obviously am not grasping the concept of a foreign language easily. This leads me to believe that I need a class that is on a constant basis. Maybe 2 to 3 times a week. As it stands right now, I go to class and practice my arse off in between classes but by the time I get back there. I have lost something in the gap. I am not grasping it. I hate going to class, I dread the homework projects and I panic on exam days. I nearly cried that last exam because I just sat looking at it. I had no idea what to do. Not a clue what the questions *in Spanish* were asking me. I don't like to fail anything, so instead I gracefully withdrew and I'll go from there. It turns out though I have been walking around without any math credits. That seems to be a big deal considering all Psychology programs are usually governed around Math and Science. The College flubbed and transferred a credit that is not applicable. Which doesn't matter. I need a refresher course on math anyway. Science is no biggy. I just can't wait to get back into my Psych classes.

Work was really busy today. I pretty much didn't sit down at all. Tomorrow should be even better considering I let the filing get a little ahead of me today. I talked to an old friend that I haven't heard from in 3+ years. Life seems to be alright in his general region of Ohio. Although I wish he had successfully escaped from that place. Mansfield, bleeds you dry.

In knitting news, I am on 109 stitches of my poncho. 11 more to go and I can start decreasing and working on the back. -=does a jig=- I did a couple of rows on the March-Along shawl but started getting extremely tired so I put it away.

I can't wait for the Secret Pal Festivities to begin. It should be sooo much fun. I keep checking my email to see if I was designated anyone yet. We'll soon see, it's the 26th so it should be long now.

Anyways, that's all that's on my brain for now. I'll post more when I think of more.


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  • At February 27, 2007 at 11:10 AM, Blogger crissy said…

    i am so glad to hear your doing better. and droping the spanish seems to have worked out in your favor isnt that they way it goes everything happens for a reason.
    cant wait to see the poncho. :) you take care now and have a good day.

  • At February 27, 2007 at 11:57 AM, Blogger Alice said…

    Yeah, foreign language wasn't my thing either. Of course this is going back to taking a foreign language in high school. ...and to give you an idea of how much of a geek I was back then, I was taking Latin. Yes, you read that right, Latin. I hope you have nothing but good dreams from now on!!

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