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Goals for the 26th year
  • Quit Smoking.

  • Write to Someone I Admire (Can be anyone from friend to celebrity).

  • Send 27 Post Cards (I miss connecting with people outside of the internet).

  • Leave the State for vacation.

  • Pay off my credit cards.

  • Give handmade gifts for special occasions. (Due to my schedule, I will give as many as I can)

  • Publish writing.

  • Sky dive or bungee jump.

  • Start a work out routine.

  • Debate with someone and try to see their side.

  • Walk for a cause.

  • Take a dance class.

  • Read a book a month (at least).

  • Give a gift to a stranger.

  • Hang out with my brother more often.

  • Seek Grammar/Writing Education Opportunities.

  • Volunteer my time outside of school.

  • Stop to reflect on the good things. (May decide to blog it, may decide to write it down in a journal).

  • Maintain a sick time balance at work.

  • Save up for a cushion/emergency fund.

  • Slumber Party/Diva Evening. (I miss sleep-overs!)

  • Learn to walk in heels!

  • Bring lunch to work (at least 3x a week).

  • Take a financial workshop.

  • Learn to cook/cook more often.

  • Go Camping!

  • Stop spending all my money on coffee!

A Break Would Be Nice Here
Tuesday, May 1, 2007
So if you have been a frequent flyer or if you go back a couple of posts you will note that I had a seriously painful weekend with an absessed tooth. Well I made an appointment and saw the dentist yesterday. This is what happened. He looked at the place I pointed and said. That can't be absessed because it's already had a root canal. I said, well there is something wrong with it then because it still hurts like hell. Him: Okay then, I'll take an X-ray. He takes the X-ray and while it's developing we shoot the shit. He comes back with "I was afraid of that." This is what he said. Apparantly the cracked out dentist I saw in Ohio ( we had really terrible insurance at one point) did a root canal and left 1/4 of the root which is now infected and absessed!!! What the hell ?!?! Seriously, I can't believe that guy did that to me. It's also to late for a lawsuit, or at least to get my money back. Grrr.. So now I have to go and see an Endodontist.. but guess what, I have no dental. So I have to sit and suffer until I figure out a way to get insurance.


That's it for now. I will try and post a more positive and uplifting blog later.
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